Lower Body Unit Multifunction Bench

Platinum by Tunturi

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Multifunctional bench for the legs


The Lower Body Unit is a multifunction bench from the Platinum line by Tunturi designed for a versatile and complete training of the leg muscles, both in the rehabilitation phase and only for their toning.

The seats of the Lower Body Unit Tunturi are easy to adjust to find the right position, as well as the load of the weights is easily adjusted, moreover the safety is guaranteed by the fact that the movement of the weights takes place in a closed cylinder.

The leg press present in the Lower Body Unit is worthy of a professional training room, in fact the seat is also adjustable for any height, while the platform has a non-slip surface and is adjustable for any angle.

The Lower Body Unit multifunction bench can be used individually, or in conjunction with other Platinum tools to form a 4-in-1 Weight Station.

The warranty is 2 years, extended by 1 year if you register on the Tunturi website.