Heart Belt

When practicing high-intensity sports it is advisable to monitor and keep your body under control, perceive and understand its reactions to evaluate the improvements and signals that our body sends us, precisely for this reason within the well-stocked online store of Enerfitsport you will find a wide and vast range of unique and top-level items such as the heart rate monitor, an innovative and perfect accessory to also improve the quality of your workout.

To be worn under clothing, directly in contact with the skin, the cardio bands represent the ideal solution when practicing outdoor sports but also activities in the gym such as when using an exercise bike on offer that allows considerable effort and high training intensity that can be monitored with our products of particular utility to visualize and understand exactly what is the frequency during a particular physical effort.

The heart belt must be positioned around the thoracic area to better capture the pulse, connected via bluetooth then sends the data to the connected devices, from smartphones to modern watches.

The advanced technology and the materials used for the construction of the bands are perfect for connecting also with the heart rate monitor, an instrument specially designed for this function and present in the catalog in the latest generation models.

Many tools suitable for professional training

Inside the online store you will find a wide range of cardio belts from the best brands available on the market with advantageous prices and incredible offers designed to meet all your needs to evaluate and monitor your progress, to be used even when you run on the treadmill. perhaps in the more pronounced inclinations that improve the intensity of work.

Our products are the best you can also find to train following the latest news about professional training even with the use of home rowing machines, such as those that are foldable with a very small footprint, or electronic ones with digital display. With our tools you can precisely decide at which heart intensity zone you want to play your sport and then carefully plan the days of intensity and rest, like a professional athlete.

Precisely to better respond to those who practice outdoor activities, the modern cardio belts are equipped with built-in GPS able to track the routes and accurately evaluate the distances traveled and transfer the data in real time to any device. be it android or iOS.

Enter our site and do not miss the advantageous offers dedicated to cardio belts, browse the online catalog and look for the product that best meets your needs with incredible sales prices.