Boxing Helmets

Ideal for the protection of the face during the exchanges in the ring, the boxing helmets for sale online on EnerfitSport are indispensable accessories, available with exclusive offers and at a truly unbeatable price.

Combat sports require total commitment and dedication in physical and mental preparation, a goal that can be reached with the help of the jump rope always present in every gym and capable of improving the speed of the legs during movements, as well as the classic bags for improve attack and boxing helmets, perfect for protecting the head while studying defense movements.

Used during amateur matches and training sessions, the boxing helmets offer perfect protection from blows to the face, whether they are punches during boxing or kicks, used in a long series of martial arts that involve total contact with the opponent. .

Made with the same attention to the materials of boxing gloves, these resistant boxing helmets are particularly cared for in terms of construction quality, offering great comfort and high protection to the wearer.

The internal padding of these head protectors is made of hypoallergenic material capable of avoiding unwanted redness and itching during use and offering, thanks to particular holes positioned on the ears and the opening on the top, considerable ventilation capable of reducing sweating during strenuous training sessions.

Inside the store a wide selection of boxing helmets

Used in every gym to allow motor development while learning defense movements, boxing helmets allow you to safeguard the temples, forehead and cheekbones, areas mainly exposed during any boxing activity along with the stomach and hips.

The openings placed on these helmets at the ears allow athletes to hear the referee's instructions during boxing matches, they offer a particularly important aid for balance by allowing the brain to perceive the movements of the head and its position in space and guarantee the dissipation of internal heat.

The protection and safety features of these helmets make them an essential boxing equipment for every boxer at all levels, to always keep inside the gym bag and usable whenever it is necessary to confront an opponent. The lightness of these boxing products offers great freedom of movement for the head, avoiding fatigue of the neck and back muscles and allowing agile dodges, very important in a sport where avoiding blows is more important than protecting oneself.

Able to offer an excellent development of reflexes during fights between opponents, these head protectors are as indispensable to improve the defense as the punching bags are to improve the attack, also available in the catalog in different solutions, from those with base to the hanging ones.

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