Offers Boxing Gloves

When practicing any sporting activity, especially in combat disciplines such as boxing, whether at an amateur or professional level, the choice of equipment is a very important step. In particular, one of the fundamental components for a good boxer are boxing gloves, determined to guarantee high performance and maximum respect for one's body.

Enerfitsport has always aimed to offer its customers high quality products, for this reason in our online sale you will find only boxing equipment and accessories from the best brands in the industry.

Boxing gloves are the flagship of our proposal for boxing lovers. In the online catalog you will find boxing gloves of different sizes, shapes and weights, to accompany you in all phases of sporting practice.

Wide choice of boxing gloves

The choice of glove naturally depends on the use you will have to make of it. If you need 10oz competition gloves, Leone 1947 boxing gloves are certainly one of the best choices, appreciated for their great comfort, they are usually used by the great champions of boxing. In our online showcase you will still be spoiled for choice with brands specialized in boxing accessories, such as Effea, high power, Rovera, Sphinx.

The quality of the materials and the particular processing to which they are subjected, allows to minimize the deterioration linked to repetitive actions, especially during the training phase.

The gloves that you will find for sale on Enerfitsport are made with soft and resistant fabrics, to protect the hands in the delicate phases of sporting activity, available for adults and children. The anatomical shape and the internal padding guarantee maximum comfort, while reducing the annoying sweating of the hands.

But the choice is even wider, you can in fact buy bag training gloves classic bag gloves or training gloves with covered knuckles and free fingers in order to have more freedom in the use of equipment such as the jump rope. . On sale online you will also find pasting gloves, with anatomical shape and triple padding, usable not only for the practice of boxing, but also for other fighting disciplines. From the design point of view, the attention is maximum, with graphics and impressive decorations, which perfectly match with boxing helmets or boxing shorts.

If you are looking for excellent quality boxing gloves that can guarantee total comfort and protection, on Enerfitsport you will surely find what is right for you. All at the best prices on the market. Compare the various models on sale, discover the extraordinary discount offers and order your customized boxing glove now.