Boxing bags

Punching bags

Those who experience sport at 360 ° find in training one of the best phases to refine their techniques, to release tension and to acquire all those skills to be used later during the practice of the "noble art".

One of the fundamental elements for a good workout is the punching bag, the indispensable tool to experience this fantastic sport to the fullest, achieving perfect physical preparation.

Our goal is to give to all fans, but also to professionals, high-level articles of recognized quality that know how to respond to every type of need with the best brands in the sector.

The boxing bags are therefore the ideal solution for both individuals and gyms who want only top-quality products guaranteed over time and for sale online at exclusive and discounted prices within their training facility.

A wide range of punching bags

Inside the store there are different models of bags and various types of boxing accessories that can best complete all the equipment, essential items such as ropes, wrist bands or hygienic silicone mouthguards.

Among the various punching bags those made of vinyl certainly stand out. The advantage of these products is to have a structure that can be easily filled with water and able to acquire a variable weight according to one's needs, with a measurement that varies between 7 and 35 kg.

Not only the classic bags with chain to hang from the ceiling, in fact in the boxing equipment available there are also interesting models with a base, soft structures made with a traditional platform that can be filled with water or sand that guarantees maximum stability. Equipped with adjustable height on 3 different levels, they adapt with precision and above all comfort to the height of every sportsman.

Perfectly compliant with all types of boxing gloves, in the catalog there are bag models made in the particular pear shape, a basic element to refine one's speed and greatly improve technique and precision. With reduced dimensions of 30 x 20 cm it is ideal for short shots and to increase the ability of reflections with a soft and decisive impact.

One detail that should not be underestimated is the resistance and consistency of the leather of the bags, with materials partly similar to the boxing helmets in the window, whose main role is to better protect the face in matches and training with sparring-partners.

If you want to surround yourself with only the best and are looking for high quality punching bags that can offer you maximum comfort and protection, in our catalog you will find everything you need to suit your needs with the best prices on the market. Do not waste any more time and discover now the advantageous offers and discounts that we have made available to you.