Heart rate monitors

A fundamental aspect of training is the possibility of always keeping our progress under control, whether using classic fitness equipment, such as a running mat rather than a classic indoor bike, or in free body exercises on the abdominal bench. , and to do this you need to equip yourself with a modern heart rate monitor. Often opt for the heart rate monitor, which however in some types of training can be a little uncomfortable, while the ideal solution is represented by the new generation heart rate monitors, equipped with modern technologies such as built-in GPS and bluetooth, ideal for recording every little one. variation of our body during training sessions. In the showcase of our online shop we offer you a wide range of heart rate monitor models without band, to easily carry on the wrist, a small laptop capable of giving us all the information we need to know if we are training effectively or not, with a intuitive menu of the various functions, and with pre-installed training programs, especially useful for those who are not followed by a personal trainer.

The variety of heart rate monitors

In our ecommerce you can count on numerous offers, which will allow you to buy at an affordable price the heart rate monitor for sale online that meets your wishes, with all the functions you need to monitor the progress of your training. For example, you can decide to buy a bluetooth heart rate monitor that you can connect to your smartphone, ideal for using the various fitness applications that are now available for your mobile phone, or choose the simpler model, with manual setting of the arrival heart rate for each session. Among the various brands, we also offer the Polar heart rate monitor, one of the must-haves in the industry, perhaps the most popular among the many fitness enthusiasts. And again you will have the opportunity to take home heart rate monitors with dock stations to interface with PCs and notebooks at a fraction of the cost, where you can download and compare the various data in real time. Enter the section of our shop dedicated to the online sale of the heart rate monitor on offer and choose your model to buy at a low price, you will be able to monitor your progress and train in complete safety.