Table football

Table football

Our online store offers a wide selection of items dedicated to free time, everything you have always wanted to spend pleasant moments in the company of your friends or family, unique and high quality items such as the different table football models present. in the catalog with a great variety of models suitable for all enthusiasts.

Foosball is a true passion for millions of people distributed all over the globe, an activity that involves children and adults and in which even the oldest go back to being children.

Unlike other table games, such as the ping pong table, which is played mainly by two, table football has always been a game that has always involved a large number of people who gather around it, a way also unique to socialize and have fun together.

To give you the best in every aspect, even the constructional ones, we have chosen the best products characterized by high quality materials that are common to other similar products such as game tables, which unlike table football have the opportunity to have fun by simulating different sports on the same game plan.

In our wide offer you will also find many other fundamental elements for table football tables and to always play with maximum fun, such as sets of balls, or very useful accessories to protect them from external agents, such as covers.

Unique models and the best brands

The online store offers you a wide selection of table football table models with fantastic offers and incredible prices dedicated to the best brands in the sector, among which you can choose for example those Rovera or Tunturi, brands universally recognized by industry experts.

Also noteworthy are the various types of Roberto Sport table football, a brand that has always brought this sport dedicated to leisure time to the top, making it increasingly professional and technical thanks also to melamine coatings and 30mm thicknesses, feet with rubber ends and court. plastic laminate and green background that reproduces the playing field.

Other recognized high quality game tools are the High Power table footballs in the catalog with through and recessed rods, with indestructible polyurethane handguards and nylon bushings able to offer maximum smoothness and playability on the field, to always give you the maximum gaming experience.

For your fun with your friends and for the little ones, do not miss our fantastic offers on the many table football table models for sale online on our well-stocked store, you can choose the best ones on the market at competitive prices that you will hardly find on the web.