Ping Pong table

To better spend your days of celebration in the company of your friends or if you are a fan of this particular sport, on our store you will find different models of ping pong tables, perfect for using them for pure fun or useful for a gym that wants to offer this opportunity to its customers.

Our products are perfect for purely recreational use, but also for sports clubs that make this sport their raison d'etre, thanks to the fact that in our selection there are several approved and suitable for sports competitions, and made by best brands, such as the Cornilleau table tennis tables, which have carefully constructed tops to ensure that the bounce of the balls is perfectly regular, without any kind of unexpected changes in the trajectory. The Rovera ping pong table is instead perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the perfect compromise between the professional tool and the one dedicated to simple enthusiasts.

Among the leisure equipment, they are one of the most popular for having fun with family or friends during a day of celebration, like other famous and popular equipment such as table football, another tool much appreciated by adults and children.

In the catalog you will also find all the best accessories useful for its use, such as for example the ping pong rackets, of various brands and versions both for expert users who are looking for the best, and for beginners who need them only for play purposes, or the regulatory networks that can be purchased separately and always made with the best materials for durability and functionality.

The different models of Ping Pong Table

In our extensive online catalog you will find different table tennis models among which to choose the ones you prefer, and that can be adapted to your needs and your spaces. Among these, for example, those models with wheels, ideal for their ease of use, which can be easily closed and moved to store them in a corner of the house, so that they do not take up space.

There are several versions of these ping pong tables that differ in the different structures, some lighter others heavier but at the same time more stable, suitable for a more professional use or for those who always want to have the highest quality.

Among the other models present, of particular interest are those dedicated to the outdoors, which stand out for their construction, which makes them resistant to external agents, with a 9mm laminated resin structure resting in a steel framework, treated to be corrosion resistant with thicknesses of 80mm and equipped with protective corners to protect players from any bumps.

Using our models is a fun activity and, if practiced with competitive spirit, also particularly tiring, like using a gym accessory such as a rope or gym ball. Visit our online store to find the table tennis table suitable for playing with friends or for your gym, you can buy it on offer at discounted prices.