Gym Weights

In our online store of fitness equipment you will find everything you need to practice the noble art of weight training, a wide range of accessories such as weight discs, barbells and dumbbells ideal for your daily training, to do free body or with the aid of a classic flat bench. The vast assortment of fitness accessories that we present on offer online is therefore enriched by the presence of everything you need for weightlifting, ideal products to be able to strengthen and maintain the muscles through weight lifting. Here is the ideal barbell for all needs, from the simplest model to the professional and Olympic model, to be completed with a high quality gym weight kit. In addition to the classic gym weights you can opt for weight discs, made of cast iron with a central hole to be easily mounted on all models of barbells. For those who love to train in total freedom, here is a rich selection of dumbbells weights, made with comfortable vinyl lining useful for cushioning in the event of an accidental fall, and available starting from a minimum weight of half a kilo.

The choice of gym weights

Our wide selection of gym weights and weight lifting accessories will allow you to find everything you need for your workouts. For example, you can create your ideal gym handlebar, thanks to the steel model with rubberized grip and convenient screw closure for locking the weight discs. If, on the other hand, you need to gain strength and endurance from your workouts, then all you have to do is choose the numerous gym weights for ankles and wrists, easy to put on thanks to the presence of strap and velcro. For a better toning of the muscles you can alternate the use of gym weights with that of a classic jump rope, also ideal for coordination. Our gym weights are also excellent for completing the equipment of multifunctional benches, and therefore having a perfect tool for your targeted workouts. Get ready to build your home gym by purchasing the weights, dumbbells, barbells on offer in our online shop, and everything you need to train your muscles at home, with an online sale at bargain prices not to be missed.