Horizontal Exercise Bike

Among the various fitness equipment that we present to you there are also the so-called recumbents, the horizontal type exercise bikes that allow you to train in a simple and profitable way, with the comfort of the backrest. In fact, unlike the classic exercise bikes, the recumbent models are equipped with a comfortable backrest, while the pedals are in an elongated position with respect to the axis, so the ideal position for pedaling becomes that of sitting, with the legs stretched on the pedals. The recumbent exercise bike that you find on offer in our online shop therefore allows you to train at your best, without straining your back, and also helps you find the right posture while pedaling. With the recumbent bikes you can therefore pedal in total ease, and even if it is not possible to train the arms as with the elliptical bike, with the recumbent you get excellent results in maintaining perfect physical shape. The recumbent bike is an excellent alternative to traditional equipment, and with targeted workouts it is very useful for weight loss. Thanks to our online sale of recumbent bikes you will surely be able to find the most suitable model for you to take home with a minimum cost.

How to use the Horizontal Exercise Bike

The first thing to do before using a recumbent exercise bike is to adjust the seat to the most suitable position, then adjust the distance of the pedals, so that the feet do not have to stretch excessively. At this point all that remains is to put your hands on the handlebars of our recumbent exercise bike and start training. The recumbent bikes of the most prestigious brands have heart rate sensors on the handlebars, so you can follow your training progress directly on the monitor display, if equipped. Inside our virtual shop you will find all the recumbents of the best brands, such as the High Power horizontal exercise bike, available in different models all highly performing, and usable by people of different heights. The section dedicated to recumbent exercise bikes on offer is full of models for all budgets, so as to allow you a more prudent choice of the recumbent that can be right for you, even in terms of price. On our ecommerce the classic horizontal exercise bike can now be yours with incredible discounts, look for the recumbent offers that are right for you and bring home an ideal tool for healthy and profitable fitness.